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What You Missed in September

Oct 3, 2022 2:40:18 PM

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The Employee experience is founded on the strength of the Manager-Employee relationship.  According to Gallup, managers are responsible for at least 70% of the variance in their employees’ engagement. It is so important for Managers to spend time cultivating trust and getting to know their team 1:1 to ensure a proactive and positive development-focused culture.  In September, our content highlighted best practices for engaging your team and increasing feelings of belonging.  If Team Members feel supported and empowered, then they will be more productive and more likely to stay with their organization longer. 

Enjoy revisiting these blogs and the many tips and tricks included with each blog post. Please help us expand our community by following us on LinkedIn and Facebook and continue to visit Truvelop’s blog for valuable insights into best practices in performance management, real-time feedback and employee engagement, and how to improve the overall employee experience.

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Quiet quitting is a new term for an issue employers have faced for decades. When managers aren’t coached on best engagement and employee development practices, the result is employees feeling overwhelmed and undervalued.

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Truvelop has been working with Baltimore Tracks since 2020 when it was first founded. Through the partnership, Truvelop is actively working towards increasing diversity, equity, and inclusion in tech. This year, Baltimore Tracks partnered with Code in the Schools to connect Baltimore Tracks organizations with students to learn more about the tech industry. Our team was lucky enough to be partnered with Ky’onna, an exceptional young woman with the perfect balance of curiosity and a can-do attitude.

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recent McKinsey survey of 5,500 US workers on the state of their internal and external networks and connections found that “more than three-quarters of the respondents working in ‘traditional’ roles —especially women and frontline workers—report that they are connecting with others less frequently, have smaller networks, and spend less time and effort on relationship building since the start of the pandemic.”

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Truvelop solves for retention by: 1) developing Managers into Leaders, 2) strengthening the Manager-Employee relationship, and 3) building better workplaces.  

With these three pillars in mind, we’ve cultivated a platform that facilitates meaningful touchpoints between managers and employees and makes it easier for any team member in any role to learn and grow at their own pace.

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recent McKinsey report reveals that “Three of four frontline workers want to be promoted but less than one in four achieves it.” It also found that frontline hourly employees report the “lowest overall feelings of inclusion of all employees in the workforce, and differences in inclusion emerge as they climb the corporate ladder.”

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Last week, our Customer Success Team led another Lunch and Learn for the managers in our user community. In Combat Turnover with a Winning Culture, we set out to define relatedness, identify best practices for boosting feelings of relatedness in the culture, and explore effective strategies for cultivating a culture in hybrid/multi-site organizations.  We closed the Self-Determination Theory Lunch and Learn series with a reminder of the Truvelop tools and resources available to Managers that can help to strengthen their relationships on the front-line.  

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With so much focus on retention and combatting high turnover, it may seem strange to even consider letting go of employees. However, employees who don’t carry their weight, complain a lot, or are unwilling to work cooperatively with others on the team, can cause solid employees to leave for a less toxic environment.

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We are excited to welcome T.E.M.Group to our growing customer base! Adding to our group of clients in construction and electrical contracting, T.E.M. is leveraging our mobile solution to increase communication and real-time feedback. 

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According to an article in The HR Director, “Employee listening goes hand-in-hand with creating a positive employee experience, with the former providing the means to better understand what’s happening within a workforce, making more data-driven people decisions, and ultimately, creating a culture great talent wants to join and stay.”

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The last quarter of the year always feels like a bit of a "final push."  We tend to revisit our goals, figure out what is still left to achieve, and what else we want to try to start before the end of the year.  In October, our content will explore how you and your team can proactively prepare for year-end discussions and recommit your team to your organizational mission. 

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