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What You Missed in May (2022)

Jun 2, 2022 2:36:45 PM

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Managers are in such a unique position for influencing the employee experience.  With retention and engagement being top priorities, having strong leadership is more important than ever. Managers need the support, resources, tools, and guidance to effectively engage, inspire, and retain their teams, no matter their leadership style.  In May, we placed a focus on identifying the tools and approaches that any leader can take to best connect with their teams. 

Enjoy revisiting these blogs and the many tips and tricks included with each blog post. Please help us expand our community by following us on LinkedIn and Facebook and continue to visit Truvelop’s blog for valuable insights into best practices in performance management, real-time feedback and employee engagement, and how to improve the overall employee experience.

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The more data, the better. In the Truvelop app, data can be compiled through evaluations, Sparks and conversations. All of this data, collectively, tells the story of each team member and is critical to helping managers better engage employees and gain a better understanding of the team’s capacity based on each employee’s score.

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One of the many benefits of Truvelop is the messaging our Customer Success team sends to leaders and managers on the 1st and 15th of every month. Through Truvelop Tips, we share best practices, proactive recommendations, and quicks tips with end users on various topics. Here is an excerpt from the most recent Truvelop Tip: Be Creative with a Flexible Tool.

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High-performing team members need mentorship, encouragement and praise to feel valued and to realize opportunities for growth. Without it, they may be tempted to seek greater opportunities elsewhere.

Here are a few steps for fostering engagement, mentoring and acknowledging high-performing team members:

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In addition to our Manager-facing messaging that goes out twice a month, our Customer Success Team shares best practices for Team Members as well.  These messages highlight how they can leverage Truvelop to further their own growth and development, while also strengthening their relationships and boosting their engagement. Here's an excerpt from May's Team Member Truvelop Tip.

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For those managing large and/or remote teams, and those who struggle in management roles, the Truvelop app helps managers capture employee observations and performance appraisals in real-time, and access recommended actions for motivation and retention.

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Back in September 2020, CST Group was looking to solve for their performance management strategy, a process that was quickly becoming a problem. CST Group, like other accounting firms, are incredibly busy with heads-down work during tax season. What’s great about Truvelop is the flexibility within the tool itself. With Truvelop, the organization was able to figure out how to best utilize the tool for evaluations and real-time feedback.

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In addition to benefits and initiatives, employers need to provide managers with training to help them recognize the signs and symptoms of stress and depression in team members and encourage them to seek help from qualified mental health professionals. A two-way conversation that engages employees in discussions around decisions that could affect job stress is also important for establishing trust.

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Last week, Customer Success Team Member Juliana Withers hosted May's Truvelop User Community Lunch and Learn about Leveraging Different Leadership Styles to Connect with Your Team.  Greg Moran, Co-Founder of Evergreen Mountain Equity Group and founder and former CEO of Harver (Outmatch), was our guest speaker and shed incredible insight on how important leadership is for successfully trailblazing a direction forward, especially for young organizations or organizations in transition.  In all of our group discussions, we heard a lot of amazing ideas and perspectives from our user community, making this Lunch and Learn one of our best ones yet.   

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A key differentiator for strong leaders is that they know how to best connect with each Team Member.  They know which Team Members need some extra encouragement and which Team Members prefer a more hands-off leader.  Developing strong emotional intelligence doesn't happen over night, but it is a skill that can be fostered and developed through practice and guidance.  With Truvelop, Managers can leverage data and the Knowledge Center to connect with their teams in a way that is engaging, inspiring, and growth-oriented. 

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