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What You Missed in March

Mar 28, 2023 6:57:59 PM

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Coaching is a great way for managers to upskill their team while building trust, motivation, and engagement with each of their direct reports.  Whether you have one direct report or 20, it’s important to define their role and how they are making an impact and how they can best grow and develop with their organizations.  McKinsey recently found that 70 percent of employees said their sense of purpose is defined by their work. So, as a coach and leader, you play an important part in helping your employees find their purpose and live it

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Frontline, hourly workers represent 60% of the workforce, but with increasing vacancies due to an aging workforce and a competitive workforce, companies need to focus on engaging and developing employees to drive retention.

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As we wrap up trainings, we'd like to officially welcome Atlas Restaurant Group to our growing customer base.  Atlas is our largest customer to date, and like Truvelop, has their roots right here in Baltimore.  

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The key to winning the war on talent is fostering a culture that values internal growth. Opportunities for advancement and professional development rank high in surveys – not only will this type of investment help engage the employee, it will drive production for the employer.

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As a coach, you can lead and guide your team’s development. Through continuous support and proactive communication, you can stay ahead of the curve and keep your team engaged, even when challenges come their way.  

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Experts at McKinsey say that turnover decreases when employees have an opportunity for internal mobility. Their research shows that “a primary driver of quitting is that employees do not have opportunities to learn new things or find their work interesting or challenging.”

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In Manager as Coach, our audience considered how they can best support their team in the moment, when it counts.  When managers effectively coach their teams, they create a growth focused culture that facilitates engagement, motivation, and meaningful development.  Ultimately, when organizations adopt a coaching culture, they are strengthening their frontline relationships and improving retention. 

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As workers leave industries entirely versus simply taking a job at a competing company, manufacturing and hospitality businesses, in particular, are struggling more than others to find and retain talent.

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Think about your top performer. What value are they adding to your team? How are they positively impacting those that they work with? Are they contributing to a more efficient workplace? If they left, what would the cost of production be? How long would it take to transition someone else into that role? How long would it take for them to transition into that role AND be comfortable enough to contribute at the same high level? Our people are more than just their output - they are the connections and relationships they make, the culture they drive, the motivation they inspire. All of these factors add up, so it's time to start recognizing our people as capital. 

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