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What You Missed in June, 2021

Jun 30, 2021 10:08:03 AM

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These past few months have been full of change and adjustments and that can be uncomfortable.  Employees have been asked to go above and beyond as we navigate these changes, leaving many feeling burnt out and disengaged.  In fact, a survey from CareerBuilder a few years back found that 61% of employees are burnt out on the job.  That number is even higher today, with estimates looking at nearly 80%. With this pattern emerging around the country, we wanted to arm our Managers with an understanding of how they can foster and support Team Member wellbeing.  Team Member wellbeing is more important than ever and it starts with more regular touchpoints between the Manager and Team Member. 

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According to a study by Gallup, traditional performance reviews and approaches to feedback are often so bad that they actually make performance worse about one-third of the time - only 14% of employees strongly agree their performance reviews inspire them to improve.

In recent years, ongoing performance reviews and increased engagement with employees are emerging as effective ways to support employee development. While companies need formal, consistent benchmarks, performance evaluations can be more robust to help employees know their strengths and opportunities for growth.

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We are finding that many Managers and Team Members continue to carry extra emotional weight, are experiencing burnout, and struggle with maintaining work-life balance. Improving well-being may be exactly what we all need to carry us through to the end of the year.  In order to do this, it is important that we increase touchpoints with Team Members so that we know exactly how to best support each individual.   

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Evaluations can be challenging for companies and managers alike. What criteria should be considered? How often should evaluations take place? How can employees be engaged in the process? Will the evaluations be effective in supporting employee development.

The Truvelop app takes the guesswork out of employee performance evaluations. The app provides managers with a comprehensive, easy-to-use tool for evaluating and monitoring employee performance development that is accessible from a desktop or mobile app.

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COVID-19 has put a spotlight on the nation’s frontline workers – primarily first responders – and the challenges they face especially in light of a public health pandemic. In addition to healthcare workers, however, frontline workers were expected to continue to work with or without proper protective gear or space to socially distance themselves. As employers grappled with ways to protect workers and implement new policies to monitor employee health to reduce the spread of the virus, many realized they need better tools to communicate more effectively with those working outside of a traditional office environment.

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This past year has been full of changes and transitions, and it’s not letting up quite yet. Our talent landscape is shifting at an unprecedented rate, as hybrid workforces become mainstream, as we face a mass exodus of Boomers retiring, and as we navigate the changes in what’s important to our team members. According to Jennifer Liu, CNBC contributor, “1 in 4 US workers is considering quitting their job in the coming months.” Should 25% of our workforce actually move around, this will be even more change that we need to address.

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In addition to helping managers effectively monitor and encourage employee performance and engagement, Truvelop provides employees with a way to track and trend progress and have insights into their performance. The app also encourages and enables the delivery of real-time feedback to team members in the moment, when it counts – no more waiting a year for the annual evaluation!

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Hostility in the workplace can affect morale and productivity for employees even when they aren’t the target and can have a significant impact on talent retention.

Updated policies and sensitivity training are good solutions that can be effective in minimizing hostility in the workplace, but we share three ways employers can foster civility in the workplace.

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This past Friday, Juliana Withers, a member of our Customer Success Team, graduated from the University of Denver’s Graduate School of Professional Psychology with her Master’s Degree in Performance Psychology.  When she first entered the program, Juliana was trained to work with sport teams and coaches, but quickly saw how transferable the skills were to other performance domains, such as the workplace and manager development.  During her time in the program, Juliana fine-tuned her theoretical orientation to performance excellence and how she approaches performance barriers in a professional setting.   

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Employee development has evolved from annual goals that are set and forgotten until the annual review. Managers are encouraged to work with employees to create plans to achieve goals that include checkpoints and adjustments as needed. Businesses today are fast-paced, responding to client and customer demands and needs, therefore, agile goal-setting techniques are critical to fostering employee growth and engagement.

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For many small companies and tech start-ups, culture is the main selling point in talent recruitment, but as companies grow, maintaining the culture employees love can be challenging.

Business leaders need to consider the future goals of the company and what they need to get there. A business with 5 employees is going to look very different than one with 50 or 100. As companies scale, executive roles and functions need to change to provide the expertise needed in those areas in order for the company to be successful.

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Last week, Customer Success Team Member Juliana Withers hosted Truvelop’s User Community Lunch and Learn about Putting the Focus on Team Member Wellbeing. Collaborating with Truvelop customer b.well’s Head of People and Culture, Alicia Raymond, the women explored why we need organizational wellness, the benefits of wellness initiatives, some initiatives that our users are incorporating with their own teams, and lastly how Truvelop can help foster Team Member wellbeing.  We heard a lot of amazing ideas and perspectives from our user community, making this Lunch and Learn fun, engaging, and enriching.   

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Employee performance can be impacted by a number of factors – skillset, resources, appropriate goals, personal challenges, team dynamics, and more. Managers who simply hire employees, assign them tasks or goals, and maintain minimal communication will struggle to build a team of high-performing employees. Employees, no matter how experienced and committed they are to their job, can struggle to perform to expectations without an engaged manager.

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While many employees praise the flexibility and increased production resulting from a remote work environment, which in some cases only became an option due to the pandemic, a return to the office for others is a welcome change after 15 months of working from home.

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In June we put the focus on Team Member wellbeing, emphasizing the importance of regular check-ins and how Managers can play a pivotal role in helping their team come to work engaged and inspired. In July, we're shifting our focus to building Team Member Autonomy.  People want to feel in control of their development, and that starts with how Managers support their teams in their growth.  

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