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What You Missed in December, 2022

Jan 5, 2022 10:28:12 AM

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In December, we saw a theme of Meaningful Reflection to Renew Commitment.  At the end of every year, people tend to reflect on all that occurred these past twelve months.  From major milestones and achievements, to obstacles and rough patches, there is a lot to sift through.  However, if we approach reflection with the intention of identifying takeaways to shape a better year ahead, then it can become a meaningful exercise that helps grow.  

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As we near the end of 2021, many companies are preparing for year-end reviews. However, if you have been using the Truvelop app, you have been conducting reviews all year long and now you can use that data to help your team prepare for the new year.

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Motivation can greatly fluctuate for various reasons and sometimes managers are left to determine how to get good employees to reconnect and reenergize. Employees that are committed to the business may be getting the work done but it may not be their best work. They may seem to be more sluggish than normal or not as actively engaged in day-to-day operations. This can lead to eventual frustration and burn-out.

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As a multi-site operations organization with over 220 employees, Harkins needed a solution that would be easy to use, mobile-friendly, and data-driven, leading them to land on Truvelop for their performance management and development platform.  Harkins wanted a tool that would empower Employees to be active participants in their development, while giving Managers the resources to become effective coaches and leaders.   

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Employees demand more feedback and opportunities for personal development and growth. Roles often do not look alike across every company or even within a company, and generic evaluations are never effective at accurately reflecting the actual work performance of an employee.

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As employers look at how to fill positions as the Great Recession rages on, a simple solution could be to look internally and develop strategies for hiring within. However, it can be a struggle to find an existing team member with the right skill set for the vacant role, so employers need to double down on training and upskilling opportunities.

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In December's User Community Lunch and Learn, Truvelop Managers came together to learn about the importance of reflection and the different types of reflection they can be using. They also reviewed the various tools in Truvelop that can help make the reflection process as easy as possible, such as our Generate Report tool, Meaningful Touchpoints Guides, and Individual Development Plans. Lastly, Managers explored how they can connect their 2021 reflection process to their 2022 commitments by identifying any gaps and obstacles, and how they can overcome those barriers to success.  

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As the year winds down to a close and managers reflect on the accomplishments and challenges of the year, understanding the talent landscape is critical to effective planning for the new year.

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The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the adoption of new HR technologies, driving innovation and more efficient ways of engaging and managing employees.

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Welcome Gladstein, Neandross, and Associates!  Last month, we had the opportunity to onboard one of our latest customers, GNA, a leading clean transportation and energy consulting firm based out of Santa Monica, California. 

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The holidays are upon us and as teams complete last-minute tasks and wind down planning for the new year, motivation can be low. However, a return from break in the new year typically results in a burst of excitement and new energy, and managers should direct that motivation in an impactful way.

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Up Next...

Another year is upon us!  We have so much planned for 2022 and can't wait for you to be part of it.  In January, we will be setting the tone for the rest of the year.  From goal-setting, to IDPs, to baseline Evaluations, we are starting off refreshed and renewed in our commitment to growth and success.  

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