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What You Missed in April, 2021

Apr 28, 2021 11:46:49 AM

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As April comes to a close, we want to take this time to reflect on all that we covered this past month.  In April, our blogs focused in on Employee Development. From delivering feedback, to effectively training managers, to talent management, we covered a lot of ground.  

Enjoy revisiting these blogs and the many tips and tricks included with each blog post. Please help us expand our community by following us on LinkedIn and Facebook and continue to visit Truvelop’s blog for valuable insights into best practices in performance management, real-time feedback and employee engagement and how to improve the overall employee experience.

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Everyone is guilty of practicing bias at one point or another. However, there are ways to mitigate the presence of bias in evaluations, and ensure rater reliability.  With Truvelop's Rater Reliability section, we can complete objective and accurate Evaluations. 

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Over 400 scientific studies have demonstrated the unparalleled effectiveness of mindfulness in reducing stress, lifting mood, increasing concentration, fostering creative thinking, improving decision-making, strengthening the immune system, and developing empathy and altruism.

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Truvelop is not just an evaluation tool. Employee performance development requires more than continuous feedback and evaluation. Boosting morale, fostering communication among team members, and creating an inclusive culture are all critical to improving employee development.

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Conversations about challenging topics, from employee performance to societal issues, require intentional planning on behalf of the employer to create a safe, inclusive space for dialogue. In this blog, we share a few tips for creating space for challenging conversations.

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Customer Success Team Member Juliana Withers hosted Truvelop’s User Community Lunch and Learn on Delivering Different Types of Feedback.  According to OfficeVibe, 96% of employees say they want to hear feedback regularly.  Because of this, it’s important that managers are giving feedback consistently, but also delivering that feedback productively and effectively.  During the Lunch and Learn, Juliana took the attendees on a deep dive into what the different types of feedback are and how managers can share feedback successfully. 

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We recognize that there will come a time when you have to exit team members from your organization, or pass them over for promotions, raises, and other rewards. So, when we designed the Truvelop app, we considered how it could serve as a HR repository to store all comments, documents, and plans regarding individual team members.

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Companies offer training for employees in a variety of roles and functions, but there is typically no formal training for management. While high performing employees are sometimes identified as potential managers and mentored for future roles, most of the time employees are promoted into positions with little training. In this blog, we share ways to optimize training for managers. 

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Apartment Turnovers has been able to use Truvelop in many creative ways to drive human connection and foster stronger and more open relationships between the manager and team member.  Using Truvelop’s Knowledge Center and Manager Cue Cards, Apartment Turnovers has been able to have more transparent and productive development conversations, which is part of why they have seen an increase in the average Evaluation score across the entire organization.   

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Truvelop not only aggregates important data about each employee, it uses that data to inform managers how to effectively engage with the employee. The data collected can generate meaningful insights on the Team Member dashboard to help guide management strategies. These insights are supplemented by our Management Cue Cards and provide managers with suggested proactive management actions to increase engagement with team members.

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Coaching is a powerful way to focus on areas of improvement and put into action steps towards meeting goals discovered during performance evaluations. In the Truvelop app, managers can work collaboratively with employees to continuously evaluate performance and understand opportunities for growth or improvement based on the employee’s score.

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April was a very productive month and we're definitely planning on carrying that momentum into May! As always, we would love to hear your ideas and feedback! Please reach out to us at support@truvelop.com to share.

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