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Trigger Intern Journal Pt. 1

Oct 11, 2019 9:04:40 AM

Hi, my name is Gavin Dinkel, and I am employee number two of sales pod one at Trigger Transformation.

Having never worked in a professional environment, I didn’t know what to expect. Am I filling out TPS reports and getting my boss coffee? Maybe the latter, but Trigger is an amazing place to be apart of. I started and am still currently the first and only intern for Trigger Transformation. Since my start in mid July, I’ve seen the company develop and we’ve hired and created our first Sales Pod, was apart of our first outing via BetaCity’s event in September and achieved an ever growing list of clients.

Trigger journal

Being the second employee of Trigger, my dad John Dinkel being a part of the leadership team, we planted the seeds for having an excellent place to work. Our company goal is to create healthy workplaces, ours is no different. Trigger’s culture is nothing less than fun and our hard work is paying off.

The Trigger tool itself has seen a lot of improvement. I would almost call it the Trigger 2.0 update. This included Matrix Triggering, Sparks and more mobile integration. As an intern, I never expected to be apart of any of the product development. Trigger has been so gracious enough to help me produce the User Guide for the tool, starting on marketing campaigns and even selling the tool.

Trigger Transformation has made my first office experience the best one I could hope for. My last swig of cold coffee is just as good as our fresh brewed pot. Our large dark wood table where the entire Trigger team sits has comfort, something I never would expect from work. Thank you Trigger, Lisa First-Willis and the entire Trigger team for creating such a great experience.

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Gavin Dinkel

Written by Gavin Dinkel