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Three Tips to Help with Attention Management

Aug 28, 2019 1:08:54 PM

Time Management seems to be a big problem with the modern workplace. Yet, many people seem to forget about where our attention goes. Our modern world has so many things that can very easily grab our attention. 


Emails, text messages from your mother in law, let me look up why a mantis shrimp can see so many colors.

We are our worst enemies in the workplace. We create our own distractions when we don’t want to do something. Here are some great methods to get past ourselves

    1. Save the best for last. Just like dessert, you want to save your favorite thing to do last. You have a project with aspects that you enjoy. If you do this first, all of your excitement and energy would go to that project and nothing for the rest of the day. Save the emails, quick meetings and small projects for the start of the day. Leave your favorites for the rest of the day.

    2. Efficiency is not the problem, its motivation. Companies like to think that their employees are working constantly. As if, distractions are never a problem. Real life has no interference and lack of interest plays no roles in the workplace. This can be combated with your list of priorities. Looking at one big objective can be pretty intimidating. Some would recommend that you create a master list, and knock small things off that list to give you some feelings of accomplishment.

    3. Motivations guide what we want to do in life. Education, hobbies and our line of work. Obviously, every part of our jobs isn’t perfect. Find parts of your projects that you really enjoy and embrace it. If you excel in these, it can show your management a sense of passion and motivation.


Attention Management is an important skill to learn and develop. Motivations can always be found, you just have to find what motivates you.

Gavin Dinkel

Written by Gavin Dinkel