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The Powerful Synergy of Effectiveness and Efficiency

May 8, 2019 1:51:43 PM

Saving time is not a new priority. A recent trip to Barcelona, Spain reminded me of that.

On a tour of the city’s old town, a tour guide shared with my group the palace where Christopher Columbus met with Ferdinand andColumbus Isabella, the king and queen of Spain, upon his return from his first voyage to the new world.

Keep in mind, Columbus sold Ferdinand and Isabella on financing the trip because he was looking for a faster way to the spice trading routes of India. He found something far more important.

Doing important work in less time has always generated big benefits. It’s the marriage of effectiveness and efficiency.

In business most people would agree it is effective to know the strengths and weaknesses of the people in your organization. Doing it once a year is no longer efficient. Too much happens in the course of a year.

It took Columbus seven months to complete his first trip to the New World and report back to his investors. You can now make the trip in about seven hours.            

Technology has accelerated the need for time savings because we are now busier than ever. Just pursuing time savings alone isn’t a strong enough strategy. It’s the merging of time savings with a meaningful purpose that creates the magic and opens the door to the powerful law of unintended consequences.

Trigger is designed to help leaders use time-tested principles and a patent pending algorithm to put powerful insights and recommended actions in the palm of their hand when it comes to evaluating and developing the talent in their organization.

And like Columbus discovered, an important journey designed to save time can lead to a meaningful destination. Sometimes that destination is even far more amazing than what you first set out to find.

Gerry Sandusky

Written by Gerry Sandusky