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1 min read

The Future of HR Tech

By Gavin Dinkel on Nov 25, 2019 9:48:18 AM

2020 has to have something coming. Mars colonization? Nuclear fusion? AI advancements? What about HR Tech? 

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Cultivate a Healthy Workplace Petri Dish

By Gavin Dinkel on Sep 9, 2019 10:30:00 AM

The bitterness of a black coffee at 8 am. A one table company discusses their next cycle of investors. We at Trigger, like most start ups, have an interesting and fulfilling workplace culture. 

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1 min read

Three Tips to Help with Attention Management

By Gavin Dinkel on Aug 28, 2019 1:08:54 PM

Time Management seems to be a big problem with the modern workplace. Yet, many people seem to forget about where our attention goes. Our modern world has so many things that can very easily grab our attention. 

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The Five Things All Managers, Coaches, and Teachers Must Do

By Gerry Sandusky on Jul 16, 2019 5:49:28 PM

Coaches, managers, teachers all share one thing in common: They focus on the development of other people. Developing the talent and potential in other people starts with assessing where they are right now. Trigger is designed to exactly that.

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3 min read

It's Tough to Drive Without a Dashboard

By Gerry Sandusky on Feb 26, 2019 9:38:00 PM

I saw the movie, First Man, recently, the film about Neil Armstrong, NASA, and the Apollo 11 mission to land on the moon. It brought back memories of seeing the lunar landing live as a little kid. Back then I wondered how the astronauts could fly so far and land on the moon when they only had two tiny windows to peer out of.

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2 min read

The Complete Cost of an Employee with "Baggage"

By Gerry Sandusky on Feb 12, 2019 7:41:15 PM

Some hiring and some firings are more complicated than others. And not just because of the money involved. There are other costs associated with an employee, especially one who has what we often refer to as "baggage."

Did the Cleveland Browns go too far in signing former Kansas City Chiefs running back Kareem Hunt? He’s the player the Kansas Chiefs released in December after video surfaced of Hunt shoving and kicking a woman in his home last February. 

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Attitude Isn't Everything

By Gerry Sandusky on Feb 9, 2019 4:43:38 PM

When it comes to having the best possible impact on a business or organization, employee attitude certainly helps. But it isn't everything. No one thing is everything.

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