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Cultivate a Healthy Workplace Petri Dish

Sep 9, 2019 10:30:00 AM

The bitterness of a black coffee at 8 am. A one table company discusses their next cycle of investors. We at Trigger, like most start ups, have an interesting and fulfilling workplace culture. 

It may be something that we always look past, but cultivating a positive environment always creates a positive product. Managers need a healthy workplace culture to have a sense of pride in their employees and their work.

Why not create a place your employees want to be in?

A survey by Deloitte said that “83% of executives and 84% of employees rank having engaged and motivated employees as the top factor that substantially contributes to a company’s success.”

Establishing a workplace culture doesn’t mean spending hours each day talking to your coworkers. It could mean your manager talking to you about his weekend and how well his kid did at little league. Creating a comfortable and happy environment with transparent communication is much easier than you think.

Always be confident in your management style and always consider the health of your workplace culture.

Some easy examples of this could be:

  • Responding to emails in a positive way. “Thanks for letting me know!”, “I’ll get back to you on that soon.”
  • Keep your door open whenever you’re available. This says to your employees that you’re always willing to talk
  • Using positive body language is extremely important. Always appear friendly and approachable

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Gavin Dinkel

Written by Gavin Dinkel