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Appreciation Transforms Performance into Loyalty

May 28, 2019 4:52:37 PM

In their 2019 report on workplace trust, David Horsager and The Trust Edge Leadership Institute came up with an interesting research finding: "Four times as many people want to leave their organization because of a lack of appreciation than because of annoying coworkers."

Your best people want to be elevated and appreciated. They want to know they matter and they want to know they can grow in your organization. When good employees and great employees feel ignored or not appreciated, they start to look for other options. And here's the thing: Your best people always have other options--even if you don't see those options clearly right now.

Appreciation doesn't always mean a raise. Sometimes it means more responsibility. Sometimes itblooming-blossom-bright-2072168 means public acknowledgement. Sometimes it means putting a bottle of wine and a thank you note on their desk. Do their kids love baseball? Send the family to a baseball game and let the whole family know how much you appreciate the person that they appreciate too. 

The key is taking the time to know what really makes that person tick. What are their passions, interests, aspirations? Just taking the time to get to know those shows a high level of interest that can easily be seen as appreciation.

The more you appreciate your best people, the more they will appreciate you and your organization. But failing to appreciate people who are vital to your organization's success is every bit as reckless and foolish as ignoring paying your bills or sending out invoices. 

Businesses can't survive or thrive without cash flow. They can't survive or thrive without appreciation flow too. 

Ask yourself these three questions today:

  • Who are two key people in my organization who I should show appreciation to today (regardless of your position in the organization)?
  • What is one thing each of those people are passionate about either at work or outside of work?
  • How can I align their passion with my appreciation for them in a way that is genuine?

If you put real effort into that simple, three-question exercise you will be amazed at the impact it can have on the people who have a real impact on your organization.

If you aren't sure which people in your organization you should appreciate, then Trigger can help you quickly discover who to elevate, appreciate, motivate, educate and re-evaluate.

Gerry Sandusky

Written by Gerry Sandusky