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The State of Employee Engagement in a Remote World

May 20, 2021 9:30:00 AM

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Every industry is feeling the impact of Coronavirus, but the long-term impact doesn't have to devastate your organization and its Culture. Now more than ever, employee feedback is essential to managing remote or hybrid teams in today’s complex work environment.  

A recent Gartner survey of company leaders found that 80% plan to allow employees to work remotely at least part of the time after the pandemic and 47% will allow employees to work from home full-time. 

As face-to-face contact in the workplace is rapidly declining, finding ways to interact has become increasingly more challenging, as you can no longer rely on the old ways of employee reviews and talent development. After all, how does someone know how they are performing if they rarely receive feedback or have a face-to-face conversation?  

The key to surviving the disruption is frequent communication. Continuous communication helps teams improve engagement, morale and performance, producing a stronger and more productive organization. While most companies use evaluations to determine promotions, raises and bonuses, performance reviews are most effective when used to foster professional development, team productivity and collaboration. 

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