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Meeting Productivity

By Lisa First-Willis, CEO & Co-Founder on Dec 1, 2022 12:11:06 PM

The end of the year is near and it’s time for New Year’s resolutions! If you are a manager seeking to increase productivity and engagement with your employees, you may want to consider the frequency and format of meetings in 2023.

Topics: Communication Goal Setting Employee Engagement Coaching Culture Productivity Preparing for 2023
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Develop Within

By Lisa First-Willis, CEO & Co-Founder on Nov 17, 2022 2:02:34 PM

As employers continue to struggle in 2023 with recruiting, they should look inwardly and focus on developing their existing workforce, creating customized plans for training and certifications to reskill or upskill high-performing internal candidates.

Topics: Goal Setting Employee Development Talent Mobility Employee Growth IDP Preparing for 2023
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