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Inspiration is the Key to Employee Retention in Today’s Complex Work Environment

By Lisa First-Willis, CEO & Co-Founder on Jul 21, 2022 2:42:52 PM

As employers tried to combat the Great Resignation and compete in the ongoing war for talent over the past two years, increases in salaries, additional benefits and flexibility served as attractive incentives for some. However, for others, despite their best efforts they continued to experience high turnover. Why?

Topics: Truvelop Employee Wellbeing Talent Retention Employee Growth Work Culture Great Resignation Encouragement
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Are Your Employees Thriving?

By Isabelle Clavelli on Jul 7, 2022 12:52:17 PM

Recently Microsoft announced a new benchmark for measuring employee performance and well-being, and it isn’t engagement – it’s thriving.

Topics: Truvelop Spark Employee Engagement Two-Way Communication Recognition Management Cue Cards Encouragement
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Inside the App: Spark Encouragement

By Isabelle Clavelli on May 19, 2022 2:43:05 PM

Companies of all sizes and across all industries are laser-focused on combatting employee turnover and improving retention. In a confusing environment full of the unknown as the world figures out how to address a virus that keeps evolving, businesses are struggling to maintain their culture and foster engagement.

Topics: Truvelop retention Spark Goal Setting Motivation Inside the App Recognition Encouragement
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Inside the App: Identifying Potential Leaders

By Isabelle Clavelli on May 12, 2022 2:34:09 PM

We have frequently advised businesses battling the Great Resignation to look within when identifying candidates for new roles as an alternative to pushing the boulder up the recruitment hill.

Topics: Truvelop Engagement Strong Leadership individual development plan Inside the App Recognition Encouragement High Performing Players
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Inside the App: Time to Hire or Replace

By Isabelle Clavelli on Apr 21, 2022 2:14:33 PM

Turnover is hard – and expensive. Even though we’re in the midst of a revolving door of exiting employees, it’s hard to consider intentionally letting someone go. However, an employee who isn’t carrying their weight and leaving colleagues to pick up the slack could cause the loss of good employees. It can be challenging to terminate an employee, but sometimes there simply is no room for improvement because performance or behavior is poor, therefore replacing an employee is the optimal way to mitigate risk.

Topics: Truvelop Employee Evaluation Engagement Communication Spark Inside the App Encouragement Replacement Players
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Managers vs. Leaders

By Isabelle Clavelli on Apr 12, 2022 12:00:08 PM

The terms manager and leader are often used interchangeably, however, they are two very different roles. Unfortunately, many businesses fail to prepare employees for a leadership track, instead, throwing them into management roles and wondering why they aren’t serving as better leaders.

Topics: Strong Leadership Goal Setting Coaching Culture Managers into Leaders Encouragement
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