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Management Coaching for Engagement

By Lisa First-Willis on Oct 27, 2022 3:32:37 PM

Employee engagement. Retention. Our secret? It isn’t always about the employee. Often, the best way a company can solve for retention is by training managers as coaches.

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Motivating Employees

By Isabelle Clavelli on Dec 7, 2021 1:57:50 PM

For many managers, maintaining employee engagement and morale can be a difficult challenge. Especially when a manager has a high-producing team and one that is seemingly satisfied in their jobs.

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Employees Leave Managers

By Isabelle Clavelli on Nov 9, 2021 12:42:30 PM

Studies have found that one of the top reasons employees cite for leaving a job is management.

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BSCAI Conference Topic Announcement

By Isabelle Clavelli on Sep 28, 2021 11:08:59 AM

We are excited to announce that our CEO, Lisa First-Willis, will be presenting at the BSCAI (Building Service Contractors Association International) Contracting Success Conference November 17-19.

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Time to Hire or Replace

By Samantha Bailey, Social Media and Marketing Intern on Apr 15, 2021 12:01:54 PM

Turnover is hard – and expensive. While it seems easy to fire an employee, it isn’t always the best move. However, there are times when there is no room for improvement because performance or behavior is poor, therefore replacing an employee is the optimal way to mitigate risk.

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By Samantha Bailey, Social Media and Marketing Intern on Feb 16, 2021 1:27:52 PM

In the HR industry, talent development is mainly focused on “employees”, which typically means those working at lower levels of the organizational structure. The development of managers is often overlooked. Managers play an important role in driving a successful company, but they too need support and attention so that they can flourish.

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How to be an Effective Manager AND Leader

By Lisa First-Willis, CEO & Co-Founder on Oct 22, 2020 1:04:23 PM

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