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Turning Observations Into Conversations that Help Your People Grow

May 26, 2020 1:32:08 PM


Truvelop’s foundation is all about managers communicating with and engaging their teams based on real-time, ongoing evaluations and appraisals – including on-the-fly Sparks! Well Spark just got an amazing upgrade! Check out Ignite – Truvelop's latest new feature!

Truvelop Spark Ignite Feature

The latest Spark feature is meant to ignite conversation when a manager gives a Spark to a team member. Managers can leave messages in the team member’s Spark log and history.

Truvelop Spark Ignite History Feature

Spark has been one of the backbones that made Truvelop what it is today and Ignite makes the tool more diverse with new, advanced communication options. Each Spark is recorded and broken down into week, month, and total history. Managers can choose the option to leave comments or not. And employees are then able to look back at their history of accolades!

This feature will be available soon! Please make sure to update your Truvelop app on mobile devices! And as always – visit truvelop.com to learn more – we’re always happy to help!

Gavin Dinkel

Written by Gavin Dinkel