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Sharing Holistic Support in the Workplace

Sep 23, 2021 10:21:43 AM

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When we hear the word “holistic,” we think whole or entire.  In terms of holistic support, that can include the whole organization, or the whole team, or the whole employee.  Each of these lenses allows us to take a step back and consider what all is affecting performance.  When we approach support holistically, we are able to creatively share encouragement and coach our Team Members in a way that actually matters to them and to the organization.  When we consider the whole, we are able to better tailor the parts to ensure the best possible experience.  If we start to incorporate effective recognition and individualized development solutions, the benefits will follow.   

According to O.C. Tanner Institute, in order to establish a great workplace culture, there are 6 elements you need to consider: 

  1. Purpose: Why am I doing this?  Why does this matter?
  2. Opportunities: Are there any additional pieces of training being offered?  Am I doing what I need to do to be considered for the role that I want? 
  3. Success: What does success mean to me?  What does success mean to my team or my organization? 
  4. Appreciation:  When was the last time I shared recognition with a Team Member?  What about my role do I most enjoy? 
  5. Wellbeing: Am I taking the time outside of my job to rest and recover?  Do I feel a sense of belonging? 
  6. Leadership:  How do I inspire others?  How do my leaders inspire me? 

Understanding what makes our Team Members tick, what gets them excited to come to work, can help us to navigate our development conversations.  Everyone wants to feel seen and heard, and that starts with establishing a sense of direction.  From there, Managers can aim to over-communicate with each checkpoint along the way.  What are they seeing?  What is going well?  What is worth improving?  Everyone wants to know where they stand and that starts with regular, clear communication.   

Additionally, the more touchpoints we have, the less likely it is that any of our Team Members will fall through the cracks.  With the focus on retention across every industry right now, we cannot afford for the Employee experience to be lacking.  Our Managers are the first line of defense, so it is crucial that we equip them with the proper tools to support their Team Members from all angles.   

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