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Celebrating 2 Years with Truvelop’s First Customer: First Financial

Dec 22, 2020 11:39:03 AM

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Two years ago, in December 2018, we were preparing to launch our commercial product designed to help businesses revitalize their performance evaluation process. In 2021, we will celebrate our second year in the market. Our very first customer to adopt our continuous performance management and development methodology was First Financial Credit Union. We’re proud to report that we’re still working together to this day and we wanted to take some time to revisit and celebrate our fantastic journey together!

Kicking Off Our Relationship with First Financial

First Financial had several goals in mind when they selected us to help them optimize their talent evaluation and development strategy. Before using our platform, First Financial relied on an annual review process that simply wasn’t offering enough data for managers to develop their teams over time effectively. This outdated system contributed to a growing need to ramp up employee engagement programming and focus efforts on retaining top performers. That’s where we came in!

We love the value that this tool has brought to our managers in their ability to assess their employees on a more consistent basis and when promotion/salary increase time comes around, this tool has proven to be invaluable!”

The Truvelop platform empowered First Financial to adopt a modern continuous performance management and development strategy. Rather than waiting until the end of the year for employee reviews, managers were now able to complete monthly evaluations and provide real-time feedback in the moment when it matters most. Our emphasis on frequent evaluation and reliance on data science to drive performance and engagement allowed the management team to implement development objectives specially tailored to each employee.

The monthly evaluation frequency allowed Managers to leverage the rich data-driven insights available within the desktop and mobile App to track and trend employee performance over time. Once an assessment is completed, action-oriented recommendations are pushed to the manager promoting proactive management strategies to help them best engage with their team members.

In addition to helping First Financial fulfill their primary performance review goals, our platform came with some bonuses as well. Our approach to consistent real-time feedback helped foster a healthy company culture in which transparency and openness take precedence.

Sometimes Stats Do Tell the Full Story

For our first partnership, this project was quite large in scale, and we’re happy to report that the firm has been very pleased with the results. Just take it from Ellen Hafner, First Financial’s Human Resources Specialist: “We love the value that this tool has brought to our managers in their ability to assess their employees on a more consistent basis and when promotion/salary increase time comes around, this tool has proven to be invaluable!”

After implementing Truvelop across First Financial’s seven locations and 17 corporate departments, First Financial’s data set began to grow month over month. First Financial now has a clear picture of the talent landscape across all seven locations and their corporate HQ that helps to inform HR strategy development and priorities. Since launch, the firm has completed over 2,500 evaluations and Sparks with a 20-evaluation-per-week average, with 100% manager utilization. Their usage hit a new high in 2020 as our platform became even more invaluable with the workforce shifting toward a partially remote/ hybrid environment. First Financial has played a critical role in Truvelop's product’s development as we have relied heavily on feedback from our customers to further enhance our product’s functionality and feature set.

Truvelop: The Right Product for an Agile, Healthy Workforce

Truvelop creates solutions that help businesses evaluate, develop, and maximize the performance of their teams. Please send us an email at sales@truvelop.com to schedule a demo and learn how your business can benefit from our industry-leading modern approach to performance management and development. It’s not too late to revitalize or rethink your performance management strategy for 2021.