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What You Missed in May

By The Truvelop Team on Jun 2, 2022 2:36:45 PM


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What You Missed in April

By The Truvelop Team on May 3, 2022 1:55:42 PM

Managers are the first line of defense against low engagement and turnover.  They interact with their teams every day and have the ability to influence an employee's development journey and overall experience.  In fact, Managers account for nearly 70% of variance in employee engagement (Gallup).  That's why April's content focused in on what it means to be a good Manager, and more importantly what steps can a Manager take to become an effective and inspiring leader.  

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What You Missed in March

By The Truvelop Team on Mar 30, 2022 11:54:44 AM

One of the greatest traits a Team Member can have these days is resiliency. With an ever-changing workplace landscape, being able to roll with the punches is extremely valuable.  That's why March's content focus was on building a growth mindset.  With a growth mindset, Team Members can become comfortable with the uncomfortable, view challenges as learning opportunities, and are able to bounce back from setbacks with greater ease.  When your team has a strong growth mindset, they're more resilient, have higher engagement, stronger interpersonal relationships, and are overall more likely to be retained.  

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What You Missed in January

By The Truvelop Team on Feb 2, 2022 11:32:00 AM

For 2022, we're rethinking the way we approach retention.  With many organizations still facing the aftermath of the Great Resignation, we wanted to deliver best practices and resources to our community as they rebuild.  Each month we will be covering a different topic, all of which can contribute to stronger engagement, motivation, trust, and most importantly, retention.  For January, we placed the focus on Setting the Tone.  From goal-setting to onboarding, we want to make sure our employees feel invested in their futures with our organization.  

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What You Missed in August

By The Truvelop Team on Sep 1, 2021 1:10:44 PM

In August, we saw a theme of transparent communication across our content.  Communicating openly, honestly, and respectfully helps to strengthen relationships, increase engagement, and increase employee satisfaction and trust in their organization.  It is important that we avoid sugar coating and instead share accurate observations.  Organizations, Managers, and Team Members can practice transparent communication through regular, objective touchpoints.  By staying transparent, we can create efficient positive change.  

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Truvelop Welcomes New Customer Apartment Turnovers

By The Truvelop Team on Oct 9, 2020 2:47:19 PM

We are excited to welcome Apartment Turnovers to our growing customer base! Cesia Gama, HR Manager, explains why Truvelop is such an important part of their employee development strategy: 

"Managing  remote teams can be a challenge. What is different about Truvelop is keeping the human element in mind. It’s not just how people get their work done. It’s how we connect with them – providing immediate feedback, supporting open communication and developing their potential. Partnering  with Truvelop will help us create an environment where people find their own happiness.”

Thank you Cesia - we are so excited to work with you and your team!

Are you ready to improve the overall employee experience at your organization while managing the performance and development of each team member? Contact us today for a demo

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Trigger is now Truvelop!

By The Truvelop Team on Jan 23, 2020 2:54:55 PM

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