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Inside the App: Proactive Management with Truvelop

By Isabelle Clavelli on Jul 22, 2021 11:07:49 AM

Now that you have been collecting performance data on your direct reports and generating meaningful insights on the Team Member dashboard, what’s next? Truvelop helps guide you by providing suggested proactive management strategies to increase engagement and talent retention with your Team Members. Understanding where your team members stand to curate productive and meaningful feedback is the first step in propelling your organization towards success.

Topics: Continuous Performance Management Employee Feedback Employee Development individual development plan
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Tips on Talent Retention

By Isabelle Clavelli on Jul 20, 2021 10:13:01 AM

Company leaders and managers are inundated with more challenges and considerations around the workforce than ever before. How to transition back to the office? How to respond to the new, increased demand for work-from-home options? Can we require COVID-19 vaccinations? How do we adapt our production and revenue strategy around this new post-pandemic world? What new renovations to the office space will need to be considered?

Topics: Talent Development Employee Wellbeing Talent Retention
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Effective Goal Setting in the Workplace

By Isabelle Clavelli on Jul 15, 2021 10:57:47 AM

Topics: Continuous Performance Management Goal Setting Ebook
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Announcing the Employee Resource Center

By Juliana Withers, Customer Success Team on Jul 14, 2021 9:42:28 AM

We are thrilled to announce the addition of our Employee Resource Center to the Knowledge Center.  At Truvelop, we do a lot of work supporting and guiding our Managers.  Most of our resources are Manager facing and have been aids in “training the trainer.”  However, real, long-lasting performance change has to come from the employee.  A Manager can be doing all of the right things and sharing constant support and encouragement to their Team Members, but the Team Members need to have the ability to take their development into their own hands.  From this idea, our Employee Resource Center was born.  

Topics: Goal Setting Employee Engagement Motivation Employee Growth employee resources individual development plan
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Summer Slump

By Isabelle Clavelli on Jul 13, 2021 9:57:49 AM

The summer months can be a challenging period for businesses as employees lose focus amid vacations, evenings at the pool and opportunities to spend more time outdoors. Studies have shown that productivity can decrease 20% during the summer months!

Topics: employee morale Employee Engagement Motivation
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Encourage Autonomy and Growth

By Meryl Goeke, Customer Success and Support Specialist on Jul 7, 2021 3:48:41 PM

Topics: Employee Evaluation Continuous Performance Management Work Culture Employee Autonomy
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The Importance of Communication, Now More Than Ever

By Isabelle Clavelli on Jul 6, 2021 10:53:11 AM

As employees begin returning to the office and companies adapt to a hybrid workplace with some employees working remotely, communication will be more important than ever before.

Topics: Communication Strong Leadership Manager Development
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Inside the App - Best Practices

By Isabelle Clavelli on Jul 1, 2021 9:30:00 AM

Whether you are new to Truvelop or a veteran user, our team shares best practices for maximizing the app for optimum performance.

Topics: Truvelop Continuous Performance Management Employee Development
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What You Missed in June

By Juliana Withers, Customer Success Team on Jun 30, 2021 10:08:03 AM

These past few months have been full of change and adjustments and that can be uncomfortable.  Employees have been asked to go above and beyond as we navigate these changes, leaving many feeling burnt out and disengaged.  In fact, a survey from CareerBuilder a few years back found that 61% of employees are burnt out on the job.  That number is even higher today, with estimates looking at nearly 80%. With this pattern emerging around the country, we wanted to arm our Managers with an understanding of how they can foster and support Team Member wellbeing.  Team Member wellbeing is more important than ever and it starts with more regular touchpoints between the Manager and Team Member. 

Topics: Agile Workforce employee morale Employee Engagement Employee Wellbeing Work Culture
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Remote Work Isn't Always a Competitive Advantage

By Isabelle Clavelli on Jun 29, 2021 10:06:23 AM

While many employees praise the flexibility and increased production resulting from a remote work environment, which in some cases only became an option due to the pandemic, a return to the office for others is a welcome change after 15 months of working from home.

Topics: Remote work force Employee Engagement Employee Development